An Indecisive Day??

“Every decision you make is a mistake” said Edward Dahlberg. And I am in sync with his thoughts today.

Today is the day for Indecisiveness.

I am not able to decide on anything.

  • Should I cook an elaborate lunch like stuffed karelas or stuffed capsicums with some chatney, salad, raita and custard (so that KG doesn’t think that I am spending all the time with my Tech Soulmate (read laptop) and not happily doing the gratifying and utmost satisfying household chores!) or something in a jiffy like Dal Rice?
  • Should I go out for shopping (yeah, its the 8th wonder of the world…Oh, I don’t know which wonder…now a days they keep changing the wonders…in our school days, we just had 7 wonders!) or stay at home?
  • Should I rest for a while (I think I need some sleep, last night some weird dreams, one mosquito and the heat did the trick) or keep racking my grey cells for the next blog post!
  • Should I sit with the little one and help him complete the remainder of his holiday’s homework or let it be, as there are still 2 weeks before the school reopens!
  • Should we have some friends over for dinner at home (why? to celebrate the Saturday night…what else!) or self-invite ourselves to our friend’s place?
  • Should I K.I.L.L or K.I.S.S…….this post I mean!! (Hello, I mean Keep It Long and Lengthy and Keep It Short and Sweet respectively!)

I used to be indecisive earlier as well but now I am not quite sure.

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  1. it shouldn’t even ruffle you one bit…human behavior is so enormously varied,delicately complex,obscurely motivated that to construct a model to predict the action, thought and feelings of human beings is rather difficult if not impossible…

  2. So you are confused! Well, dont worry as I fall into the same category! 😉

    My first time here…found your link thru Shubh’s blogspace. 🙂

    Let us know as to what you finally did! 🙂

    I tried real hard to get that “Library Thing” widget in my wordpress blog. But its not supported! Sigh!

    Will visit again.

  3. @ Anonymous: Thank you for the empathy! 🙂

    @ Amrit: Thanks to u too. Hope you have a good time at “A rose is a rose is a rose!”
    Regarding Library Thing…Check out Tools-Things you can do-It says it also works on wordpress!
    All the best 🙂

  4. @ Shankar: Ya, you are right! MISTAKES are the stepping stones that lead to future accomplishments. But
    it’s easy to stop making mistakes. Just stop having ideas!! 🙂

  5. blog spot is great friend as it fills the voids of daily life.

    You are troubled with indecisive days and I am looking forward to find one …

  6. @shilpa.. Do you think its so easy to live without way.. making a mistake is far more easier.. but learning from mistakes is experience..