Plan v/s Achievement

It’s the time to do the analysis of the “Lazy Sunday Tomorrow”. It’s an exercise to see if plans actually work? Let’s see…

1.Woke up at 8.30 am!

2.Super Fast Breakfast was Bread and Omelettes, prepared by me, sadly though, coz KG approved of my menu and was busy watching the highlights of the ICC T20 WC matches which he had seen last night! Some stamina he has for watching TV!

3.Swimming was fun. The instructor was kind enough to allow KG and a friend AP to have a look at our swimming skills. Our expert, I am sure was impressed, but left only after an advice or two! (KG swims with minimum displacement of water!! Amazing?!!) Though they watched us for less than a minute, they had to listen to a remark from a girl (a teen), as to what are these men doing here! Both the guys beat a hasty retreat to the cool comfort of the Polo Bar at Hari Niwas Palace!

4.Lunch was Onion Masala Dosa for the baby and me and Coconut Rawa Masala Dosa for KG and AP. We ‘experimented and explored the new taste and flavor’ of Onion Masala Dosa but next time its sure gonna be Masala Dosa!

5.Siesta was relaxing and has refreshed me to play with my ‘soulmate’! Of course I mean my laptop 😉

6.Dinner will be cooked neither by me nor by KG coz we are dining out at a friend’s base!

7.We will be watching the teams of Scotland, South Africa, England and Pakistan play at the ICC T20 World Cup Championship!

So to summarize, the plan achievement is approx. 99 %. There were some small deviations from the plan but the changes were good and led to pleasure and happiness!

“I always tell people that if they want to do anything well, they must plan and prepare” said Richard Branson in his book, ‘Screw It, Let’s Do It’ has been proven correct today!

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