Plans for Sunday

Thinking of lazing around tomorrow. Why? Arre, it’s a Sunday! Though I am already into the lazy mood! And if you remember, I had a lazy Sunday last week too!! Nah, I am not that lazy!!

So what ingredients do we need for a Lazy Sunday?

1. Get up late: Late meaning 9 am! After that I would be fooling myself. Sunday Times with a hot cuppa masala tea should kick start the day.

2. Super Fast Breakfast: Meaning something which should not take too much time to prepare. I hope KG approves of my thought process or else, am sure he will take over the proceedings in the kitchen. I wouldn’t mind that though 😉

3. Swim: It’s an integral part of our routine, so can’t/won’t miss it! I wish it’s less crowded tomorrow and hope the instructor allows KG to have a look at our swimming skills for a minute from the door itself, as he has not seen his wife and kid in action at the pool and thinks that all our stories about our skills are our hallucinations! (We have enrolled ourselves in the Ladies time and entry of men is banned!)

4. Quick lunch at the new South Indian joint. We (Baby and me) just love Masala Dosa and it’s the only thing that we always order much to the irritation of hubby dear. His mantra is, “experiment and explore new flavors and tastes” which obviously we don’t subscribe to!

5. Enjoy a siesta!

6. Dinner: 2 options. (A) I can cook some jhatpat khana like Dal Rice (B) KG can cook something elaborate like… oh whatever he wants. I’ll be more than happy with anything.

7. Watch ICC T20 World cup matches with hubby and kid. Sorry, I correct myself, Hubby and kid will make me watch the cricket matches! Will India win the cup?

I guess, so all is settled for tomorrow. What’s your plan for the Sunny Sunday tomorrow?

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