"5 Things I Love About Myself" Tag

Ok first things first…explaining the * from the last post…Well it was a Joke! Ha ha! I have lined up all the posts for the time I will be out…already. So you can’t get away from me!! Ha ha ha!!

I am doing this tag which is from Roshmi. I think these tags are pretty cool. Its a nice way to connect with your far-flung network of blogger friends.

So here are the 5 Things I Love About Myself.

  1. I am committed in my relationships, I am committed towards my work. I believe, unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes; but no plans!
  2. I love my cerebrospinal part of the body! Where would I be without it? I have a good memory as well! And I love that positive thoughts fill my head—most of the time!!
  3. I am a good mother.
  4. I have a strong sense of ethics, what’s right and wrong…
  5. I love my determination… I never quit till the goal is achieved!

I’d like to tag: Subhayan, Kunu, Debi, Dhiman and Aashima.

So do some introspection and share yourself!
Image Courtesy: http://opinionsandexpressions.files.wordpress.com