A Short Break!

It’s a busy day today. Clothes are strewn all across the bed, 2 bags are lying in the middle of the room. Aaryan is playing hop, skip and jump over them. And I have an endless list of things to do.


We (meaning baby and me!) are leaving for the pink city. It’s a short trip…but with a very tight schedule.

So what’s gonna keep me busy there?

  1. Endless talks with parents
  2. Endless gossiping with siblings
  3. Endless coochi-cooing with the little ones
  4. Endless phone calls to KG here for instructions and warnings. He will be celebrating his Independence, I know that!
  5. ENDLESS shopping!

The last one is of paramount interest! I hope my enthusiasm to shop is matched with the enthusiasm of the chauffeurs (read my sisters), who will help me do mall hopping and finally shopping!

So, I’ll be off the net for some time, no blog posts…Sigh!!*

But you guys have a great fun time! While I will have great fun time outside the blogosphere!

PS: Subhayan, you can rejoice for some time, as I’ll not able to able to beat your blog post rate! 😉

PPS: * will be explained later!

Image Courtesy: http://saharaglobal.in