I’m Confused! No Wait… Maybe I’m Not!!

It’s one of those days…when everything seems to be in a muddle, no clarity of thoughts, no vision….

Though the grey cells are working at a break brake neck speed in order to churn out a nice, interesting, funny or a witty post, but the result is a big ZILCH!


Myriad of thoughts are going through, but none is getting crystallized.

Should it be This or That?

His Story or History?

Misty or Mystery?

Fake or Real?

Sleep or Rest?

Post or No Post?

Yes or No?

In fact, the directional signs below, exactly describe my mental state!

Lost and Confused Signpost

So, I retire for the day.


Images Courtesy: http://randleman.files.wordpress.com, ttp://www.mysteryshoppersmanual.com & http://www.gooses.com.au