Yet Another Tag!

People may know you, but how good does anyone ever really know anyone?

Turns out there is a game of Tag going around the blogosphere in which bloggers are sharing five things about themselves that relatively few people know, and then tagging five other bloggers to do it too!

So the 5 things about Shilpa Garg that relatively few people know:

  1. I scream like a 5 year old when I see a lizard.
  2. I have never ever driven a two-wheeler and have learnt car driving twice, but I still can’t drive! I guess, it’s motorphobia!
  3. I met Amitabh Bachchan, my favorite actor (I can see KG’s smirk!) at ChennaiAirport. His humility and patience while dealing with our group of 6 still brings a smile. His autograph is one of my favorite possessions.
  4. I have a mania for cleanliness.
  5. I can’t stand the melodramatic and unrealistic hindi tele-serials, movies or celebrity interviews. Forward is my favorite button on the remote.

Gosh! Some phobias and manias…I look like some freak!

Now I have to tag 5 others to see if they’ll play in this meme and tell us 5 things we don’t know about them. In no particular order:

Subhayan, Shankar, Kunu, Debi, and Aashima

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