A Blogger’s Arsenal

A Question : You have been devouring, glimpsing, soaking, reading so many blogs in a day. So based on your experience, tell us the various varieties/flavors of blog posts you see in your blogosphere. Explain with suitable examples.

An Answer : Yes, thanks to the IndiVine @ IndiBlogger and Blogadda, I have been savoring scores of blogs in a day. And let me tell you that it is one hell of an experience. How? Let me explain…
A. You get to soak in such a vast amount of information on varied topics.
B. You get to observe such diverse expressions.
C. Your hours and hours never seem like lots of hours but just minutes passing by!!
D. At the end of the day, you feel very enriched and stimulated mentally and drained and exhausted mentally again!
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A Blogger can have a lot of different styles of posts in her/his arsenal.

She/he can use all of them at some or the other time.

So, the different varieties/flavors of blog posts that I have seen during the past few months can be BROADLY categorized as given below:

  • Truly Intellectual Posts: As the name suggests, these posts are truly intellectual. I mean, you need to read them 3-4 times, to grasp the subject. These are speculation upon questions that are unanswerable to scientific observation, analysis, or experiment, or a brainiac take on a subject. Another characteristic feature of Intellectual Posts is that they are excessively subtle and have recondite reasoning. Even the language is truly abstruse!! Got the drift?? Commenting on such posts is a nightmare, for lesser mortals like “You-Know-Who!!”
  • Happy-Go-Lucky Posts : Oh, these are fun posts. Nothing heavy, just casual care-free banter. A mundane observation of the daily life, a take on an issue in a fun way, an anecdote… Reading them surely brings in a smile or a thought that you are alone!!
  • Thought Provoking Posts : These posts inspire you, touch you, wake that dormant feeling in you, compel you to ask questions. From telling us to smile at the road side beggar, to the grit and determination of a handicapped child to what could change India, these posts leave you with a lingering thought in your mind and a loads of food for thought!
  • Whining Posts: Strong to humorous expressions of cribbing on things gone wrong, or our team losing a game, how life’s unfair, the killing heat & humidity and no rains or when suffering from that writer’s block, the woes of the city …almost everything under the sun is cribbed about in these posts.
  • Cut/Copy-Paste Posts : These posts are ‘Ctrl X’ed or ‘Ctrl C’ed from the world wide web or even our daily forward mails and then ‘Ctrl V’ed on the blog. Amazingly, such posts receive raving reviews too!

  • LOL Posts : Oh, these are the most needed ones. Witty, humorous, satirical, funny…these posts can make you smile or laugh or even rolling on the floor laughing!! My favorite!
  • What is Yours is Mine Too Posts : The most dreaded posts! Because, the creators of these posts use someone else’s words or ideas and pass them off as their own!!
  • A Tale & a Verse Posts : A story in few words to running in multiple posts, chapter-wise, these posts tell a tale or share a poetic rendition. And the ingredients of these posts are as tantalizing as our spices, ranging from romance, thrills, horror, poignancy, sorrow, mystery, humor, fantasy to contemporary or even crime!
  • A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words Posts : Few words to no words at all, but with amazing, unique, mesmerizing shots of ANYTHING! These are the photo posts.
  • Yummy Posts : No points for guessing, these are the delicious, food posts. Sharing exotic dishes to recipes of Roj kaa Khana, these posts make your mouth water and leave you with that ‘craving’ feeling.
  • Yakety-Yak Posts : Oh, these are the posts which chatter a lot but with little or no substance. They are there to mark their attendance on a blog! (Based on Pawan’s suggestion!)
  • List Posts : In this category, the blogger shares Lists a la “1…2…3” or “A to Z” types on any subject…thereby making the post simple and easy to comprehend or showing numerous options, views, suggestions, tips on a topic. (This classification comes to you courtesy Vipul Grover!)
  • Information is Power Posts : That’s the credo these posts believe in. So you have information on EVERYTHING!! Tips and tricks for Farmville on Facebook, forthcoming events, current affairs, Excel shortcuts, how to upload widgets on your blog, life & songs and death of MJ…its all there, of course with a personal touch of the blogger.
  • Very Specific Posts : Industry specific views, ideas and information …Music, Sports, Advertising, Sales & Marketing, Films, Politics, Health, IT, Telecommunication, MLM, Insurance, Finance, Travel…the list is endless. The history of a brand, to tips for a successful Multi-Level-Marketing business…these posts cater to a niche audience.
  • Sharing is Good Posts : These are the posts that assist in forging new relationships, developing camaraderie, making new friends in the blogosphere… And these are the much loved posts on the Awards and the Tags!!
  • Tell-It-All Posts : You even see very personal, often scandalous information on the posts, a la Sacch Ka Saamna of Star Plus, the Hindi version of Moment Of Truth!!

Phew…that’s quite a lot of variety of blog posts that I have encountered! Of course, there’s lots more out there! Wanna share?? Drop in your category in the comment box!! 🙂

Image Courtesy: http://blogs.worldbank.org