Salutations to the Men of the Roads!

Last month, we went for an adventure trip to Leh, which is the roof of the world, from Srinagar by Road!
National Highway 1 (NH1) connects Srinagar with Leh. The scenic beauty and natural landscapes of the valley can be enjoyed right from the start to the end of this 475 kms long road journey. Tall mountains and rivers or lakes gives you company during the entire stretch.
Sometimes you travel uphill and other times there are steep downhill slopes. There are several sharp inclines or hairpin bends or even blind curves. Some mountain roads are relatively narrow or involve tight bends, so that only one vehicle can pass at a time. Some of the roads truly frighten you. And one surely feels giddy and nauseated when you see down the valley and see the distance that you have covered.
While travelling on these mountain roads, it made me think about the people who made roads on such a terrain.
And the people behind the roads here are the BRO or the Border Road Organization, which Creates, Connects, Cares…BRO is regarded as a symbol of nation building, national integration and an inseparable component in maintaining the security and integrity of the nation.

Project Himank of the BRO develops the infrastructure in this part of Jammu & Kashmir!
Throughout the journey at various locations, the workers of the BRO were either repairing the road or making a new one. I must say that they are doing a commendable job!!
And also…

“Let us not forget that roads in this difficult terrain have been built not only with mere cement and concrete, but also with the blood of men of the Border Roads Organisation of India. Many lost their lives for the cause of duty on the project. To these men, who always play with danger and laugh at death, duty comes first. These fallen heroes came from all parts of Mother India, to contribute their mite to the defence of their mother land and prosperity of their neighbours”

From an Article ‘Highways to Adventure’ published in ‘THE MIRROR’ Magazine, Jul 1975 The Genesis

Right through the road journey at regular intervals there were these interesting messages from the BRO on the roadside, which are truly needed when travelling on these mountain roads and even on our cities road!

Soak them…

  • 3 enemies of road: Speed, Liquor & Overload
  • Peep-Peep, Don’t Sleep
  • Be Mr. Late but not Late Mr.
  • No race no rally, enjoy beauty of valley
  • Be soft on the curves
  • Speed and Safety never meet
  • Safety: Make it a habit
  • Lane driving is safe driving
  • Always Alert, Avoids Accidents
  • Any time, Safety Time
  • Short Cuts may cut short your life
  • Driving with care, make accidents rare
  • Danger lurks at blind corners
  • This is not rally race, drive with grace
  • This is Highway and not Runway
  • Alert Avert Avoid Accident
  • Fast won’t last
  • Take Heed, Don’t Speed
  • Life is short, don’t make it shorter
  • Hurry and Worry go together
  • Drive like hell and you’ll be there!
  • On my curves, check your nerve
  • More you speed, more you skid
  • Enjoy it but while on wheels
  • On the bends, go slow friends
  • Haste make waste
  • After whiskey, driving risky
  • Break the speed, that is the need
  • Drinks and Drive Do not mix
  • Safety on road=safe tea at home
  • Safety is the light, let it shine
  • Good driver is seldom hurt
  • Speed is a knife that cuts your life
  • A spill, a slip, a hospital trip
  • Don’t be a gama, in the land of Lama
  • If you are married, divorce speed
  • Lower your gear, curve is near
  • Drive, Don’t Fly
  • Feel the curves, do not test them
  • All will wait, better be late
  • Kabhie nahin se der bhali
  • Gaadi Chalane ka shauk farmaiye, shoke nahin
  • Tej raftari, marne ki taiyyari
  • Ghar wale kar rahain hain intejaar, tum dheere chalna mere yaar
  • Gati yaani durgati

This post salutes the courage and dedication of all those at the BRO!

Jai Hind!
PS: For more pictures, you may like to check the Leh Travelogue!!