It’s Unbelievable!

It’s unbelievable!!
I mean, I was shocked!
And also pleasantly surprised.

And then I was happy….or was I ecstatic?
I guess, I was numb too.

Some moments later, the grey cells took charge but they were overpowered by the adrenaline secretions. As a resultant to that, frantically, poured all the excitement into the phone, much to the amusement and confusion of the recipients at the other end.

And from morning, till some moments ago, I was blogging in my head, answering imaginary inquisitive questions from friends and family, and day dreaming of ….

Oh, it’s a dream come true…to be sharing space with bigwigs…many I know and a lot many I still need to know. Being on the same page with the likes of really Big Amitabh Bachchan or Shekhar Kapur, Aamir Khan, Salman Khan, Gul Panag, Suchitra Krishnamoorthi, Lisa Ray or Shobhaa De, Rajdeep Sardesai, Sagarika, Arindam Chaudhuri or Jammy, Amit Agarwal, Indian Home Maker…to name a few…is simply overwhelming!!


Yeah, it’s still unbelievable that My Blog features in the Directory of Top Blogs in India and Most Widely Read Indian Bloggers!!

Yes, India Blogs @ showcases Shilpa Garg’s Blog!!

I am Proud to be a part of Best Indian Blogs!!

Thank you guys, Fellow Bloggers, Friends, Family, Commenters, Followers for all your support and encouragement!!