The Indian Dream

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A dream is an aspiration. And we all have that wistful look when we think about our dreams.
We hope for THAT dream to come true. We really, really long for that achievement to be ours.

A dream is not a domain of a select few… everybody has a wild fancy for something or the other. You…me…him…her…them…we… all aspire.

Our dreams change with our age, and when a dream is achieved, we move on to the higher plane of a new dream.

Sharing few dreams, we Indians dream of…

Common Man : Roti, Kapada aur MakanCommon_man A Farmer : His name in the Green Revolution.indian_farmer_suicides

Our Bollywood Actors : Oscar awards for their films.

Cricket Lovers : India wins every match and Sachin scores a century every time!Indianfans_big

A Bachelorette : A tall, fair, handsome, well-educated, well-settled, only son, affluent family/NRI as groom.

An Eligible Bachelor : A beautiful, fair, slim, convent educated, professionally qualified bride.indian-groom

A Student : Get admission in a premier institute a la IIT or an IIM!

Parents of Teens : Kids become either doctors or engineers.parents

Our Netas : Be the Prime Minister of India, one day!neta-ka-sapna

A Businessman : Be the Dhiru Bhai Ambani of his field.ambani-2-776728

An Investor : Stock market to remain bullish, always.

A Corporate Executive : Work for the world’s best company and to be at the top of the corporate ladder!image5

A Housewife : Meri sari uski sari se safed ho!Cleaning 1

A Couple : A happy, peaceful, blissful, prosperous married life.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

A Delhiite : A bigger car, more diamonds and gold jewelry than my neighbor.jackeduplotus

A Mumbaikar : Catch the 7:57 Fast Virar local with a window seat.mumbai-local-trains

My Child : Have powers like Ben 10 to transform into aliens and crush all the enemies.

A Blogger : Followers increase by a dozen every day, comments hit a double century for every post, get the every award in the blogosphere and churn out amazing posts every day!blogger-logo

EVERY INDIAN : A peaceful, prosperous, terror-free, poverty-free, crime-free, clean and green, united India.proud_to_be_an_indian-169234229

Whatever our dreams…May they come true.

Because, nothing happens unless first a dream. And to accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe. As a man’s dreams are an index to his greatness. So, no one should negotiate their dreams. Dreams must be free to flee and fly high.

So go on and Dream India…DREAM!!

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