Tomorrow It Will Be!

It’s a tale of our Treadmill.

Till last year, a Treadmill at home was in MY Wish List (and not in OUR Wish List).

But the benefit of this machine would be OURS!! And with this thought in mind, I had done extensive research on Treadmills of all available styles and brands.

Wherever, I saw a Treadmill, I would stop and enquire about it, and would keep eyeing it hungrily!!

In fact, did features, advantages and benefits analysis on various parameters of a Treadmill viz…

  • Motor Horsepower : Higher horsepower = better performance at high speeds and longer life.
  • Folding or Non-Folding : For better space management!
  • Workout Programs : These are pre-programmed to give you workouts that variously target a specific heart rate, mimic sprints, runs, cross-training or even types of terrain.
  • Running Surface : The width and length of the actual Treadmill running surface.
  • LED/LCD Display
  • Weight Capacity : How much body weight is the Treadmill designed to hold and perform well with?
    • Power Incline/ Manual Adjustment
    • Heart Rate Monitor/Control
    • Warranty
    • Price!!

And I bombarded all this information on my Better Best Half, KG. Also sufficiently fuelling in the NEED of a Treadmill. Earnestly explaining him that because of our hectic and urban lifestyle and time constraint, our health (which is so very important!) is taking a back seat!! So a Treadmill would help to…

  • Lose weight and burn calories
  • Strengthen the cardiovascular system
  • Strengthen the bones and prevent or manage osteoporosis
  • Become fitter, shapelier and healthier
  • Exercise in the comfort and privacy of our home

And needless to say, we bought our Treadmill.

And early days saw both of us getting up a bit early, dressing up for a good walk/jog on our prized possession, The Treadmill.

Many days saw us motivating each other, increasing the duration of walking or increasing the speed and exchanging our Body-Feel-Good Factors. In fact we even bought an i-pod to make the exercising more interesting and musical.

And, we convinced even a friend to buy it for his home!!

A few regular weeks on our Treadmill turned to some irregular weeks, which further dwindled into once in a while in a month to hardly ever NOW!!

Our Treadmill silently stares at us all the time and gives me that guilty feeling (I believe, KG has no time for that) of spending so much and not using it now. And every time I see it, I pledge to use it from tomorrow. But that tomorrow never comes.

It is funny! When you don’t have something, you yearn for it and want it the most.

And when you have it….

My object o’ desire, my fascination, for which I yearned…..

I acquired it… I own it…now my passion’s all burnt!!



Tomorrow it will be!!