The Insanity of My Addiction

Strawberries. Sweet corn. Squash. Sunflowers. Sugarcane. Sheep. Shed. Super Spin Ride. Small Pond. Scarecrow. Stone Mailbox. Seeder…



Wondering about the  connection between them and Me??
Well apart from the Letter “S”, all these things (and much more) have become a part of me. No, not just a part of me, but an integral part of me!!

Or in plain simple words, I am addicted to FarmVille.

KG, my best half, calls it insanity.
And you know what??
Even I believe him…
So, let me share, how insane I have become courtesy this addictive game…

  • My day starts with it! Yes!! I get up half an hour earlier than the scheduled time for  getting the lil’ AG ready for his school, to harvest the crop!
  • Of course, my day ends with it.
  • I keep looking at the watch to see, if its the time for the next harvest.
  • Formulating strategies for my farm has become the major job for my grey cells in a day.
  • I keep checking my farm every few minutes and wait for the first spurt of the ‘ready to harvest crop’!
  • When KG started giving me dirty looks at being on my farm so early in the morning, I timed the harvest for 9 am, the time he leaves for office!!

  • My farm is my new baby, which I do not leave unattended even for few minutes.
  • I hoard the new goodies a la the latest clumsy reindeers, maple trees, hay stacks, wild turkeys like a woman would do with gold or diamonds!
  • I keep clicking on the Live Feed every few seconds to look for “Hatch a egg”, “get a perfect bunch”, “get a bonus from them”, “Adopt the Pink Cow”, …because they vanish in few secs!! And missing them is so heart-breaking!! So I click…click…click every 2 secs!

  • I have to visit my neighbors farms, of course to fertilize their crops and also to check their new design pattern on their farm and also to see how many turkeys they have or how have they arranged their baby elephants!
  • When KG was not in town for 2 days I got up at 4 am to harvest and plant the Haiti Sweet Corn as I didn’t wanted to waste on the time and the XPs (Experience Points) and coins gained was too much!!
  • My favorite topic for discussion at a party now is FarmVille, its tricks, new animals or plants on the farm, level or mastery achieved!
  • I have not planted 3-4 day crops still, because no major activity on the farm for  3-4 days would kill me! I have plans to harvest these 3-4 day crops whenever I believe I’d not be in town!
  • I am constantly on a lookout for ‘neighbors’ and would accept any neighbor request in a flash of a second. Though talking to my own real life next door neighbors will be a big task!
  • The calculator on the mobile has found it new usage…to calculate the harvests needed for mastery achievement or no. of XPs needed for reaching the next level.
  • I keep giving tips and share my ‘learnings’ with the new ‘farmers’ every now and then.
  • And counsel the non-farmers incessantly, to join our club!
  • I keep looking at the coins I have earned with so much pleasure and happiness and have never done so with my own bank balance, about which I always have complains and grouses.
  • Depending upon the schedule for the day, I’d plant my crops. If the forecast is for a busy day, so a 16 hour or 1-day crops will be planted otherwise, I plant my favorites…the 2 hours- 4 hours –6 hours or 8 hour crops! With the latter I can be on my farm, the whole day!!
  • I already have 2 farms! Yes, I play from KG’s FB id too and am too tempted to start a 3rd farm too!
  • In my heart of my heart, I know (very loud and clear) that my blogging is getting affected because of this farming business! But still…
  • Even as I write this post, I must have visited my farm 10 times in 5 minutes, despite knowing the fact that no major activity will take place on it till 9.40 am of the 1st December 2009. (Peas will be ready to be harvested at that time!)

Till, all this while I considered myself to be very rational, balanced, sensible and mature!!
But this FarmVille mania has caught me. And I am stark, raving mad about it! I don’t how long this will last!

Whatever said and done, I believe, I don’t suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it!!

So wanna be my neighbor??
For the uninitiated, FarmVille is a real-time farm simulation game developed by Zynga, available as an application on the social networking website Facebook. The game allows members of Facebook to manage a virtual farm by planting, growing and harvesting virtual crops, trees, and livestock.Since its launch in June 2009, FarmVille has become the most popular game application on Facebook with 56.1 million active users in October 2009.

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