The Drama of Flight 852

It happened yesterday.

KG, my best half boarded the Spicejet flight no. 852, from Srinagar to Jammu.
After ALL the security checks et all, (the no. of security checks in Srinagar are much more!) he boarded the aircraft.

The flight was full and all the passengers had occupied their seats. And just then, an air hostess and 2 officials reached the seat no. 16-D and asked its occupant to disembark from the plane.

The occupant of the seat no. 16-D was none other than KG!!
KG is all shocked and bewildered at this. To add to this, the embarrassment of being the cynosure of about 150 pairs of eyes!!

I am sure, the first thought many would have had “Oh, a terrorist??” or somebody would have even thought, “Oh, a handsome terrorist!!”

Amidst protests/explanations, KG disembarked from the plane and at the bottom of the staircase was his blue colored VIP Skybag, which was surrounded by 4 officials.

They explained that there’s some problem with the bag!!

And the problem was…


The seams of the bag was open by 5 cms!
So, they make him sign on his baggage tag.

And that’s IT!! I mean, THAT”S IT!!!!

Are you shocked? Angry? Annoyed? Irritated at this??
Well, KG truly was!!

So, when he entered back into the aircraft, he insisted on seeing the Pilot. When he came out of the cockpit, KG demanded a complaint register. And none was available.

Let me tell you, KG is damn impressive in creating a furore!  And you bet, he created one for the whole flight to see!

At Srinagar airport (like many other airports), there is a process of Baggage Identification (wherein, you have to personally identify your baggage after check –in, after which it is loaded onto the aircraft). And it seems that the personnel at the Baggage Identification missed seeing this. (The protocol demands the baggage to be locked and intact!)

So, if he flunked on his protocol, why should a passenger pay for that!! I mean, should he be humiliated, targeted, harassed like that!!??

KG has threatened them with a defamation suit! And since then his phone has not stopped ringing. And you know who is at the other end!!