Some Introspection…

It happened while surfing the net. Read one, then read some more and then started reading many more. And I liked the ideas shared, thoughts expressed, opinions voiced or even plain chatter.

Whenever, had a lil’ more time or was bored or didn’t had anything great on the cards, I would read them. And the time would just fly!

Yeah, you got it right, I am talking about Blogs!

And then one fine day, a dear friend MM pushed me to create one of my own. And “A rose is a rose is a rose!” was born. With a lot of apprehensions, I explored this new realm.

Initially had to prod and pester family and friends to read and comment on my blog…so much so that a mere mention of my blog and they’d either vanish or change the topic of conversation!! What a pest I must have been!!

Slowly and steadily, had some regular readers. And with them my horizon increased. Through them I explored their worlds too.

And thus, today I feel I have a huge chunk of blogs on my plate which I want to savor, soak, and support. But am I able to do so??

The answer is not completely!!

In a short span of time, I have found a variety of blogs which I read/want to read.

  • There are some mandatory reading blogs…you have to read them, because you just love reading them!
  • And some are friendship blogs…dosti ki hai to nibhani bhi padegi, so you got to read their blogs too!
  • Then there are request blogs…”Please check out my latest post or you have not read my last post”.
  • Also, some new ones for the week/day, courtesy Blogadda Picks and IndiVine @ IndiBlogger.
  • Then some are casual acquaintances blogs, you read their comment on some blog and like their ideas so you move to check out their blog!
  • Of course, the very important people on your own blog…the followers and commenters…their blogs form a must read list too.
  • And some ‘once upon a time’ blogs…you read them earlier but no longer now.

And despite my best intentions, I miss out on a huge number. Excuses Distractions are many…phone calls, work, or Google Talk or FB chat or time to harvest the crop at FV or even long posts!

I wonder, if it’s only my story!

Various thoughts are passing by, to rectify this situation…

  • Should I make a schedule…Blogs A to E on Mondays…F to J on… (I know…it’s maddening!)
  • Should I dedicate 1 hour everyday for dedicated blog reading??
  • Should focus more on blogs rather than playing addictive games on FB??

Whatever, it is, I guess, it’s time to pull up my socks!!
What say you??

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