If I Were A Baby Again…

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If I were a baby again…oh, what a beautiful thought!!


I believe, I would like to initiate my journey as a baby from my  mother’s womb.
Where while sucking on my thumb, I would have had communication with my mother.
I would have loved that physical, spiritual and emotional journey with my mother.

On arrival in this world, I would have loved to see the love for me in the eyes of my parents. Their care and nurturing would have developed me. Their delight at me making vowel  noises or my first sounds of ‘mumum’ and ‘dada’ or babbling at 2-3 words repeatedly would delight me to no end. My parents clicking pictures or making videos of me for each and every move of mine would make me feel like a princess.

I would have hid behind my mother whenever I met a stranger. I would drop toys and watch where they go. My parents happiness on seeing me stand while holding the furniture to walking alone and then running everywhere around the home would motivate me to explore my potential further.

If I were a baby again, I would not give my parents sleepless nights because of my insomnia or tantrums, after all they need to rest after taking care of a bundle of energy like me the whole day.

If I were a baby again, I would eat everything that my mother ever wanted me to have (from the spinach soup to khichdi to milk in a glass to dal and chapati, without ever  doing ‘phuuur…phuur’ or refusing to open my mouth or cry inconsolably at the sight of food!

I would learn and explore the world through my parents’ and teacher’s eyes. Soaking in all the knowledge that came my way.

If I were a baby again, I would enjoy the beauty of life each day and never ever forgetting the lesson learnt.

I would throw less temper tantrums (I know, though they are a part of me growing all up!!), thereby giving some peace of mind to my parents.

If I were a baby again, I’d make my parents proud of me.

If I were a baby again, I would thank God each moment, each day for handing me over from his loving kingdom to the most loving parents and family down here, on this earth!!


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