Those 15 Minutes of…

It was the perfect day for a garden party. The air had a bit of pleasant chill…we were having a gala time with our friends from the past and the present.
All were dressed in black and red…Fun, excitement, laughter and sunshine was the order of the day. What a scene!
And then a voice asked, “What’s in you plate?”.

And I opened my eyes…

And except for the pleasant chill in the room, there were no friends in black and red or laughter or excitement…
There were loud snores of KG and the clock showing 7:15 am!!
And the very next thought….the school bus arrives at 7.30 am!!!
And I had overslept!!

In a flash, I was in the baby’s room…woke the sleepy kid and rushed him into the bathroom…took out his uniform, towels etc and rushed into the kitchen.

The overactive grey cells ordered me to make a quick Omelette Sandwich.
And in the hurry, dropped one egg…watched the yolk and the egg white gliding smoothly from the base (inside) of the fridge to the floor below. Leaving that mess as it was, hurried to make the Omelette, and while tossing it, it all went hay-wire and thus converted it into scrambled eggs.DSC00737 Thank God! But the baby is not going to like it!

And just then the baby comes and tells me that the zipper of the jacket of his tracksuit is stuck. (The winter sports uniform for Wednesdays is Tracksuit!!). I immediately shoo him to wake his dad.

With a glass of milk, lunch box and water bottle, when I entered the room, I saw KG struggling with pliers!! And next moment, a metal dropped on the floor and the 2 sides of the jacket are free but without the zipper slider!! Gosh!! I took the baby from his ‘helpful’ dad and had a tough not so tough time convincing him to wear the jacket without zipping it all up and would get it rectified for the next Wednesday!

The sweet kid, though was not happy with the situation, accepted it without any tantrums.

In the mean time, remembered that he had to take Rs. 240 for a magazine subscription. Had to search 2 purses for the 40 Rupees change.

And somehow with the school bag, skates bag and water bottle, we went down the stairs and then the kid asked, “Did you put my Computers book and copy?”
Me :  “You don’t have a Computers period today!”
He : “Mam has asked to get it today and the timetable has changed!”
Me : “You didn’t tell me about the new timetable!!”
He : “We have not got the new one as yet, but I need the Computers book and copy today.”

With a ‘smile’, I climbed 16 steps up and then down again, got his Computer book and copy!
And just then, the bus honked at the corner.

Both of us ran to catch it!!

That was some hectic activity early morning…it felt as if I was up for 15 hours!!

When I returned home, KG was laughing out loud at some silly SMSes on his mobile!!

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