Best Wishes Always…

A phone call from a friend in the afternoon and a sinking feeling had formed its home in my mind and heart.

This news was not something new to me. But the suddenness of it shocked me. Even, we have been a part of this many times, in so many years!

But, I guess, certain things are a little difficult to take in.

Our friends are being transferred from here to a new place.

We had met them just 10 months ago! And we kind of bonded instantly! In a short span of time, our relationship grew and matured.

A weekend lunch at our place would end in dinner at their place.

Impromptu or planned picnics or getting together for potluck parties was always fun.

Chatting and gossiping or playing Scrabble or Pictionary made the time fly!!

Or just enjoying the togetherness while we played FarmVille on our respective laptops…

And now all that would be missed.

Of course, we will be in touch…emails, FB chats, phone calls or even meeting each other whenever possible, but will it be the same??

I have seen, how every-day to weekly communication after the move, turn into some times in a month calls to Holi-Diwali wishes calls!!

Of course, when you meet again…everything is just the same…the easy banter, the fun and carefree times…it’s like you were never apart!!


I guess, I should be happy for our friends and their new adventure in a new city and should not be focusing so much on what I’d (we’d) be losing.

After all life is all about movements and changes.

I am glad RT and AP that our paths crossed!! Thank you for everything!!

Best wishes always…