Time to Play Statue!!

It’s that time of the year, which marks the end of one year and beginning of the other.

It’s that time of the year, every body looks forward to.

It’s that time of the year which people celebrate with gay abandon.

It’s that time of the year when people party.

It’s that time of the year when people make merry.

It’s that time of the year when people eat and drink.

And it’s that time of the year when people dance.


And I am People and I do all that on every new year eve party but for the last thing.

Yeah…that dance part!

Yes, I can’t dance!!


I can’t dance to even save my life.

Have never ever danced in my whole freaking life!!

Have never ever done that!!cant-dance


I love watching people who dance and admire them too.

But somehow it’s never been on my list of things to learn.

And I have never felt inadequate about not being able to dance.

Rather, I am at peace with myself on this.


So, at a party I would be content chatting with friends and acquaintances, enjoying the music, watching people dance, savor each morsel of the feast…and feel relaxed and happy at the end of it!


But that’s not what people around me think.


They believe…

  • I am not dancing, because nobody has asked me to join them for the dance.
  • My repeated sayings, “I don’t dance…I can’t dance…” are mere shy utterances.
  • I am not enjoying the party.


So, their next plan of action would be to pull me on to the dance floor, where somebody guides me to a dance action and another one instructs me to follow that twist.

And I would be standing like a statue amidst beautiful dancers, showing eagerness to learn their fluid movements. And when I believe my grey cells have remembered the sequence of steps, and they instruct the limbs to replicate the learnings…the limbs just refuse to budge and they stay standstill as they were before…and repeated directions by the dancers result in same result…A Statue!!


Some patient ones persist for some moments and then seeing an opportune moment, I rush back to my safe haven, till somebody else sees me and repeats the whole process with same results…Another Statue!! And then yet another one! And can KG be far behind? He joins in too!!!



I wish they all excuse me from this ridiculous process.

I wish they realize and understand that one can enjoy a party even without dancing.

I wish they read this.

I wish…


Alas… none of these wishes will come true and it’s gonna be the same dance and statue sequence for me, this new year eve party too!!


You guys have a rocking party while I play statue yet again!!


Image Courtesy : http://www.drnima.com