Reporting from The Train!!

Oh Yes! This post is taking its shape and form in the Jammu Rajdhani.

Aaryan and me are making a flying visit to the Pink City via Delhi.

  • The train is spotlessly clean. And am I glad??!!
  • The dog squad just passed by and I got a start as the dogs tip toed and I was engrossed. And this brought an uncontrollable laughter from my baby.
  • 2 gentlemen have changed into their night wear!! I find this very amusing.
  • From my seat which is a side lower, I can see 8 people talking into their phones. Some business for Telecom companies!!
  • The train started at the right time…7:45 pm! Wow!
  • One kid from the adjoining seat is curiously looking at the screen of my laptop and I can sense a lot of questions in his eyes. I guess, they will come a bit later.
  • Another tech savvy guy is viewing IPL match live on his laptop courtesy Tata Photon. And his neighbors are straining their necks to have a look too!
  • A pantry guy served the complimentary Mineral Water to all. In his tray, bottles are neatly arranged, with paper cups placed on top of each bottle. A paper cup fell near the shoe of a passenger. He picked it up and placed it again on the bottle. So, somebody will use a dirty cup! And I am certainly not gonna use mine!!
  • The bed sheets and pillow covers are clean. But just picking the blankets to place them from the upper berth to the lower one has triggered an allergic response in me! It’s gonna subside only after using the medication.
  • Dinner is getting served and a variety of aromas are wafting in the compartment.
  • A guy is talking on the phone since ages. A lot of office gossip is being shared with the person on the other end. And they say, women gossip a lot!!
  • Two gentlemen have initiated a conversation. “A” is asking “B” some personal questions…like his place of work, his state, his current city and even his age!! When “B” repeated the process, “A” successfully dodged all the questions and did not give a single straight answer. Smart chap!
  • Another lady has got blankets and sheets from home. Like me! Only women can do this!
  • Lights are getting dim and people are getting into the sleep mode.
  • Time to wrap up this post and move to other interesting pastures ie blogs of my virtual friends!!

See you soon! 🙂