All Izz Well, But…

Ah! It’s a gloomy mood day!

No, All Izz Well!

But, still, something is amiss. Don’t know what that is, though.

I guess, it’s one of those days! Nah, its not PMS!

But, it’s kind of depressing to be in such a mood! Even, I can feel the melancholy, so guess it would be apparent to others too.

So, what could help me snap out of this dreary mood…

  • A vent… I guess, a creative vent in the form of writing should do the trick.
  • A stroll in the park with KG… and not on the treadmill. I missed using it, anyways!
  • Tom & Jerry… the duo always bring a smile despite having seen the same episode a zillion times.
  • They say chocolates… but I would love to have my  all time/any time favorite…a Masala Dosa!! The mere thought of MD has brought a smile. 🙂
  • Some soothing renditions of Jaggu Dada, I mean Jagjit Singh
  • Count my blessings…yeah, I should do that!
  • Call up some friends.
  • Watch Goldie and Ginny dance around in their bowl. G & G are our 2 pet gold fishes!
  • Look at our photo albums. They transport you back in time and it’s always fun to revisit the memories.
  • Play a game with Aaryan. Monopoly is his current favorite and seeing him do the money calculations and the gleeful responses on every move on the board is a sure mood elevator.

Hmm…something out of all this should work.

You have a great time, while I try to beat the gloomy mood vampires!

Cheers 🙂