200 Posts and a SWOT Analysis!

As I write this post today, the blog posts count on this blog reaches a cool 200!! Yeah, Two Hundred!! While this is the time to rejoice and have that ‘smug’ feeling, it is also the time to be a little reflective and forward looking.Post_200 And what’s better than to do a SWOT analysis for my blog.
SWOT analysis for a blog?? Yes, why not!!

We all started blogging with some objective, some thought…
And I am no different.

They say, before you do the SWOT analysis, you must have a Mission Statement.
Though the objective was clear from the beginning, but giving it words today.

So, the Mission Statement of “A Rose is a Rose is a Rose!” is…
My blog is a creative vent of random thoughts which mark the life and times around me.

Having said that, it’s the time to evaluate the Strengths,Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats for this Blog. swot_img2


  •  Regularly updated entries on the blog. A post every 2nd day!! Not bad, eh!! And participated in 2 NaBloPoMos by posting 62 posts consecutively in 61 days!! Ooh! Did I do that!!??
  • Original content : I swear by the Gita (and Sita). “I affirm that no portion of my work can be considered as plagiarism”. Though I drew ‘inspiration’ from many sources! (Pun intended!)
  • Variety of flavors in the posts : Hope the variety of flavors and aromas emanating from this blog didn’t nauseate you!!
  • Simple and lucid writings : My philosophy of “Simple living, high thinking” reflects in my writing. Well, that’s partly because, original difficult and abstract thoughts never cross my mind and your difficult and abstract thoughts do not penetrate my hard tough cranium. So, you now know, the end result with this combination!? Simple!!
  • Good readership : Well that’s because of you guys! Heart felt Thank You!!
  • Some rewards and recognition : Ah, the rewards!! Blogadda Picks or being a part of Best Indian Blogs or the love from the fellow bloggers surely give you the confidence.
  • 55 Fiction : “I’m lovin’ it”. Are you??


  • Poor SEO skills : Aaah! I had only worked with CEOs.
  • Weak technical knowledge (HTML codes, RSS, pings, trackbacks etc): Well, they are other names for Greek and Latin, I know that!!
  • Poetry : What’s that?? And how does one write a poem??



  • Readership Retention : With growing numbers of blogs in every category, one could lose out on regular readers. Well, they say, “If you love something, set it free… if it comes back, it’s yours, if it doesn’t, it never was”.
  • Technical Problems : Blogging platform issues, server problems, data loss… Well sometimes you lose and sometimes you win!

Wow!! That was an insightful exercise. Now it’s time to focus on the Strengths, improve the Weaknesses, benefit from external Opportunities and protect from possible Threats.

Thank you everybody for making this 200-post old journey enriching and enlightening, fun and joyous!

Looking forward to loads of wonderful times ahead with each one of you here on this blog!

Cheers 🙂

Images Courtesy : http://burnyourfuel.com, http://blog.perksconsulting.com