My Dad is the Greatest!

This is a post which would be written by Aaryan Garg, when he grows up a bit more!!

My Dearest Dad
They say, all fathers are invisible in daytime; daytime is ruled by mothers and fathers come out at night. Darkness brings home fathers, with their real, unspeakable power. There is more to fathers than meets the eye. And you, my Dad, have nurtured, loved, developed, enlightened me all through my growing years…

Dad and Me are Too Close2002 : After a day’s hard work, when it was time for you to rest, I would refuse to sleep and cry out loud, you would take me in your arms and rock me to sleep. And then instead of resting a while, you would look at me with love as I slept peacefully for a while.
Aaryan12003 : When I poked my finger into every nook and corner, fingered the carving in the furniture, shook a table, threw out all the books and artifacts from the shelves, climbed onto anything, you patiently helped me explore and learn.
Say Cheese... father-son duo2004 : When mom thought I was in my “Terrible Twos”, you believed I was in my “Terrific Twos”. You found my imitations and even whining at everything and clinging to you or mom, very very endearing.
scan00012005 : Throwing tantrums at the drop of a hat (and many a times even if it was firmly placed) or refusing to listen to anything, am sure made mom worried about me growing into a tyrant. But your soothing words and pampering ways always had that calming effect on me.
scan00022006 : Dinosaurs fascinated me to no end. Painstakingly you would answer my curious questions on the Dinos and everything about them. And at that age I had 5 picture books on the Dinosaurs and their world. Thank you for opening my mind to a bigger world…
DSCN08752007 : Seeing you cook every weekend inspired me to try my hands at cooking too. And one Saturday morning, I prepared my first breakfast of Chocos with milk, while this shocked Mom (I am sure, she was more worried about me spilling the big container of milk inside and outside the fridge), you had that proud feeling of “Like father, like son” and it gave me a big boost.
DSCN10052008 : “Eat whatever is cooked at home. Finish whatever is in the plate…” are the mantras that have been inculcated by you. Though Mom would feel a bit sorry (and would give in too), if I would make a fuss about that dal or this veggie, but one look from you and I would scurry to finish my food. Thank you for giving me clear messages and right habits.
DSC017992009 : Ben-10 on TV and Car Racing on my PlayStation would hold my interest for hours together. You made me get going in the outdoor games by teaching and playing with me the game of bat and ball and learning the Karate moves from an amateur me.
DSC023402010 : Allowing me to help you take care of that injured bird which lay unconscious in our garden, or to hold that snake charmer’s snake (when other kids just ran away) or giving bath to our Aunty’s dog or sharing food in an orphanage…You have taught me to do some meaningful things…

Thank you for everything, Dad.
Love You                                                                                        
                                                                  To be continued…

This is my entry for Blogadda’s Tribute to Dad Contest

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