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You asked, “What’s your wish?”
Well, I don’t have a wish but a whole big wish list.

  • I wish I get a break for at least a few days. An ‘All Girls Party’ would be wonderful and a romantic holiday with my husband would be simply bliss.
  • I wish my home was clean for some part of the day. I would love to walk around the home without doing the hop, skip and jump over the toys or spilt milk or cushions that lay scattered all around the home. 
  • I wish that even the simplest and routine things like getting the spoon to the mouth or brushing teeth were not some projects.
  •  I wish teaching ABC was as easy as 123.
  • I wish I could worry a bit more constructively especially after the meetings with the specialists and facilitators.
  • I wish my determination never falter or waver, to help, to assist and to guide.
  • I wish I could deal with the toxic people and their stares and sermons, criticism and questions, a shade better.
  • I wish my support group supports me  and inspires me always, helping me to make it through the day.
  • I wish I could sleep in peace for some time.
  • I wish my child gets all the happiness and joys of this world.
  • I wish I could give the wings of confidence to my child to fly high… 

I am the mother of a child with special needs.

PS: Based on  real life experience of an acquaintance.

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