Time to Learn!

I have been tagged by Nupur for this one, which is the Learning Tag. It’s about the ten things ‘I wish to learn’ in near future or at least sometime in my life.
There are loads of things which I wish to learn, coz, there is so much to learn…

  1. Driving a Car : Now this is something I “WISH” to learn. That’s another story that I have already learnt it thrice and failed miserably. I know, I don’t have that ‘gene’ for driving, but I still wish, if I could drive!
  2. Dance : No, not to somebody’s tunes, but just a bit on the dance floor. My aspirations to learn to dance are not very high. Just being able to sway to the music would be simply a “wow achievement’” for me. This is something which I have never learnt, so may be sometime in the future, I am able to do it!!
  3. Baking : I am a good cook. And I am comfortable cooking any new dish from the book the first time for a party too. But my baking experiments are not always successful and this is despite following the recipe correctly. Baking is an art which I wish to master sometime soon.
  4. HTML Codes : Currently they look like some Greek and Latin to me. Whenever, I need to use them, either I spend a lot of time on getting the right code or have to take help from friends from the blogging world. Thank you Rahul for helping me out!! But I wish to learn them sometime.
  5.  Aura Reading : Recently read about Auras, their colors and significance in our life and how it tells the exact state of one’s health like the state of your mind or the stress levels. And I am sufficiently interested to learn more about it!!
  6. CPR : I have read about Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, its various steps and the right technique, but would love to learn it from a professional.
  7. Mental Maths : I am very bad with numbers, so much so that for calculating 2+2, I need a calculator. Aaryan is learning to do mental maths using abacus and I am learning too, Hope I become proficient in it, in some time.
  8. Conquer my Fears : That would be challenging, but with focus and determination, the fears can be overcome!
  9. Languages : I wish to learn the basics of some Indian and foreign language.
  10. Eat with Chopsticks : Now, this is not so very important and is not difficult too… This is just to give company to Aaryan, whose latest passion is to eat everything with chopsticks!

Cool… listing down sure puts things in perspective and gives a direction!

So what do you wish to learn??

As per the rules, officially tagging… Chatterbox, Lazy Pineapple, Rajlakshmi, Dhiman and The Holy Lama.
Well, if you are reading this consider yourself tagged, would love to learn your learnings too!