Ten on Tuesday – 2

cooltext468162920.pngTen Things That Kept Me Away From Active Blogging*

  1. My laptop cord (2 year old) was giving me trouble, so we decided to buy the new one. We went to a showroom, asked for the cord and while the salesperson was getting  it. KG looked around at the laptops on display and ‘convinced’ me to buy a new one!! And we bought a new laptop that very moment instead of the cord which was costing just Rs 1200!! Some impulsive shopping that was!! I am soooo busy and happy exploring my brand new lappy, that thinking about a nice worthy post is far from my mind!
  2. I have taken a vow to visit a temple for 40 days. So, every morning getting up at 3:45 am and reaching the temple by 4:15 am and getting back home by 5:15 am to start the daily grind has disrupted my body’s rhythm. So, lethargy and tiredness gives me company most of the day…and thus….
  3. I felt reading Blog-a-Ton-14 posts was more important than writing a new post. That’s another story that I have neither read any of the fellow contestant’s post and nor have written a new post on my blog. Hopefully, the reading will start today!
  4. The Double Crop Mastery this weekend and making my pigs hunt for truffles made me work hard on my farm! So, no posts again! You know, I am talking about FarmVille!! You bet I am still crazy passionate about it!!
  5. The full time help was asked to resign and the 2 part-time maids do not help that much! Sigh!! It’s loads of work. And the work at home is never ending!! 🙁
  6. A new work assignment kept me busy!
  7. My Aaryan’s Monthly CCEs (Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation) gave me ulcers, headaches…
  8. Lack of ideas or inspiration rather the tired brain state didn’t let me think creatively!
  9. Fun, family, friends, food, films… too contributed to this!!
  10. Just like that…

*By Active Blogging I mean writing a nice, long post.

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