Ten on Tuesday – 3

Ten Superstitions I Believe In

Wikipedia says superstition is a credulous belief or notion, not based on reason or knowledge. The word is often used pejoratively to refer to folk beliefs deemed irrational, which is appropriate since irrational means “not based on reason”. This leads to some superstitions being called “old wives’ tales”. It is also commonly applied to beliefs and practices surrounding luck, prophecy and spiritual beings, particularly the irrational belief that future events can be foretold by specific unrelated prior events.
I know, I know, in this modern age and times, believing in superstitions is weird.  I know, being from Science stream in school and college, there are scientific logics to everything, but still there are some things I do believe in.

  1. Magpies : Now, this thing I have been believing since school days. In our school, whenever the big play ground was empty, one could see magpies moving around. We had a rhyme related to their sighting…1 for sorrow, 2 for joy, 3 for letter, 4 for toy, 5 for silver, 6 for gold, 7 for secret not to be told, 8 for something, 9 for brass and 10 for you will surely pass. While 1 magpie is the dreaded one, but seeing 2 magpies together, always brings a smile. And even now, when I see a single magpie, I start looking for another one and it so happens many a times that the second one is not to seen and I keep seeing that lone magpie, making me believe that there is going to a bigger sorrow in store!! Last week, I was going for a party and saw 4 magpies. And I won a nice gift in Housie!! And was I happy??
  2. Getting hiccups means that someone is thinking of you.
  3. I never cut nor allow the 2 men of our home to cut nails in the evening or night. No idea about this one. Have been doing it coz Mom never allowed us to do so!
  4. If a crows sits on the balcony and caws, there would be visitors coming over. It’s been proven many times!
  5. Also, if while rolling chappatis, if the ball of dough falls down, then too visitors are expected! This has been proven too.
  6. Making a wish when one sees a falling star will result in the wish coming true! I need one now!!
  7. Making a wish by placing a fallen eye-lash on back of your hand and blowing it away, makes it come true.
  8. Whenever one is leaving home and you hear a sneeze, stop a while and then leave home after some time.
  9. Hair and clothes should not be washed on Thursdays. Now I practice this as per convenience!
  10. If you bite your tongue or lip, somebody is cursing you.

I don’t know, if these should be called superstitions. I believe, these are all harmless beliefs and does not cause any harm to anybody!
Do you believe in any such ‘beliefs”?

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