Who is Hit?

One morning, out of the blue, in August, KG got a call from a Police Officer in Jaipur informing that our car was involved in a hit and run case in the month of May in Jaipur and an FIR had been been lodged against us.

Our first reaction was panic and next moment when sanity prevailed, we calmed down and reasoned amongst ourselves, that it could not be our car as our car had never ever crossed the borders of Jammu since the last 2 years.

Our relatives and friends provided the necessary support and did the needful while we mailed them the evidence at hand, the petrol bills for April, May and June (you see, I am very organised!).
For a few days, all was quiet and then suddenly there were calls at every hour questioning to get the details, till KG decided to go to Jaipur and sort out the issue.

Armed with the pictures of our car from all angles, KG’s swipe card details at office (to show that he was in Jammu and at work), his phone call details and even the BTS based tracker for all his calls for that period (this gives the location of the generated call), car insurance for 2 years, car registration certificate, lease agreement etc, he reached Jaipur.

And what was supposed to be an open and shut case for us, it was a harrowing time for KG. Meeting the various police officials at all hours of the day, consulting a lawyer and even subjecting himself for ‘identification’ by the complainant!! Thankfully, KG passed that test as the complainant answered truthfully that he had never seen KG before. Alas! But on seeing the pictures of our car, he firmly ‘believed’ that it was the same car that had hit him. And sadly, his pocket diary showed the exact number of our car, which he had the scribbled after the accident.

While KG was absolved from the crime, our car was not!

For the next 3 days, it was a hunt to trace the real culprit. Finally, some leads were available and after 5 days, it was clear that it was neither KG nor our car that was involved in that hit and run case. But we were still not given that clean chit because the real culprit was still at large.

Finally, after a month today, 2 officials from Jaipur Police visited us at our home at Jammu to finally close the case as the real offender was found.

And today it was learnt that the car involved in the accident was a Honda City with Registration no. RJ 19 CA 3231, while our car is a Ford Ikon with Registration No. RJ 19 CA 3132.

Now, how do you respond to this??

Anyways, some learnings from this incident…

  • Problems can come from anywhere.
  • Dealing with the Police/Law is a pain.
  • Innocent people are more hit!