Ten on Tuesday – 5

cooltext468162920.pngTen Things to do in Amritsar
1. First and foremost, visit the Golden Temple. It is amazingly beautiful and clean. The best time to visit would be weekdays and not weekends. Do eat at the Langar… the food is awesome and what I liked the best…everything is so neat and clean, the plates shine like silver!
2. Visit the Jalianwala Bagh Memorial. The well in which people jumped to protect themselves and the bullet-ridden walls lay testimony to the brutal massacre on April 13, 1919. That’s the narrow passage through which the firing was conducted.
3. Visit the Indo-Pak border at Wagah  to see the border closing ceremony. Indian and Pakistani soldiers do a march-off every evening, a popular and fun event. We missed it sadly, due to time constraints!
4. Have lunch/dinner at Bharawan da Dhaba or Kesar Dhaba. The food is yummilicious punjabi. An advice : Do not go to these places on an empty stomach… coz the waiting period is so much that you could faint of hunger!
5. Drink Lassi (Yogurt) …God, it’s so thick and tummy filling!
6. Shop for Punjabi Juttis and Punjabi Suits. Of course, hone your bargaining skills especially in the market outside the Golden Temple.
7. Amritsar is famous for its spicy Pickles, Badiyan (made from dried urad/moong dal seasoned with a variety of spices) and Papads. Check them out!
8.Try the street food…Jalebis, Chaat, fresh Fruit Juices, Poori-Subzi…
9. Amritsar is a paradise for chicken (non-veg) lovers. Atta Chicken, Roasted Chicken, Chicken Tikka are must haves
10. Stay in the luxurious comfort, trendy ambience and wonderful service of Ista Hotel.