Happy Moments

I am a Happy Mom these days… Happy to be a part of a small beginning, happy to foresee a development of positive and healthy attitude!!It all started after I read a wonderful post by Dil Se, last month. Inspired by her, I ‘Copied’ the activity and its learning and ‘Pasted’ it on my child’s daily routine.

The idea is to write a thought or an activity that made you happy today. So, I helped Aaryan create his “My Happy Note Book” and initiated him to write each day in a line or 2 about anything that made him happy that day.

The first day… he was happy to write something new in a fancy notebook.

Second day… had to cajole him to share his happy moment.

Day 3, 4 and 5… he simply said, “Nothing made me happy today”!!. Not the one to give up anything easily, as I firmly believe, nothing starts easy in life, everything begins at some level of difficulty. So, I asked, probed and guided Aaryan about his that day’s happy moment.

It’s day 24 today and he shares his happy moments with a smile and that too on his own. It has become a part of his routine now. Every night, before he climbs into his bunk bed, he writes his happy moment for the day.

Some of his entries read like this….

  • Papa made halwa for me.
  • I went to Nanu-Nani’s home after school and stayed with them for the day.
  • I crossed Level-18 in my computer game.
  • I got 18 in Maths test.
  • I played with Pepper the Labrador at my friend’s place
  • Ma bought a Happy Meal for me.
  • Enjoyed the trip to The Haunted House. Though it scared me, but it was fun.

I believe, this lil’ activity will not only help him to appreciate small things in life but will also help him have a positive and healthy outlook. And a lil’ small voice also says that he may develop a love for writing too!!

I believe that good habits start young.

So, whether it’s eating everything that’s cooked at home and leaving nothing unfinished in the plate or reading a page from a book or a story every day, or playing any outdoor game or sleeping at a given time, I am glad to help Aaryan take steps towards habits that will help him grow mentally, emotionally, physically and socially better and strong.

Dil Se, thank you, Parul, for sharing a wonderful and beautiful thought!