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Ten Things About My Love-Hate Relationship With Comments

Comments!! We all love them! We all look forward to them!! And how we wish for lots of them, the comments I mean!

Yeah, you know, I am talking about the comments on our blog posts!! And I am sure you never mistook it (even for a milli second) for the comments that we receive from our spouses or bosses or friends! In the latter case, it cannot be even a single COMMENT!

Ok, coming back to our beloved comments on our blog posts!!

Well, I have a love and hate relationship with the comments on our blogs.

  1. I love receiving comments on my blog.
  2. I love commenting on posts too.
  3. When I see a response to any comment that I had made on any other blog post, I like that too.
  4. When I do not see any response to the comment that I had made on any other blog post, I always exhibit an understanding look, “Oh, she/he must be busy (just like me!)”.
  5. However, I find responding to the comments on my blog very tedious and cumbersome. I know, not responding to the comments is like, not opening the door, when somebody visits your home or not receiving the call, when somebody calls you on your phone. I know, it’s very rude to do that!
  6. Of course, I want to respond to each and every comment on my blog promptly, but it just does not happen.  In fact, it plays heavily on my mind and whenever I post a new blog post without responding to the comments on the earlier post (which is 99% 98% of the time, I am reminded of the Cadbury Bournville advertisement!!
  7. Most of the time, I respond to all most of the comments at one go, during some flash inspirational moments!
  8. Reasons are many… but the main issue is the Blogger Comment Format, which is not at all interactive like the WordPress one! And going up and down the page to respond to every comment is something which irks me after a while.  And no, I’d not like to shift to WordPress, nor I’d like to install Disqus etc! I know, I am acting too pig-headed!
  9. I have subscribed to all the comments on my blog on my gmail which is configured on my BB too! So, I can view all the comments as soon as they appear on the blog on my phone.
  10. I wish, I could respond to the comments on my blog through my BB… I mean, I do receive the comments in my gmail, so there must be a way to respond to the comments too via the BB. Here is a sincere and earnest request to all you tech savvy bloggers… please suggest a way!!

Pls pour in your Comments errr… I mean thoughts, advice, suggestions!! 🙂

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