Ten on Tuesday – 12

Today, Uma has written about Ten on Walking and inspired by her, I thought of doing…
Ten on Swimming
  1. I just love swimming. It’s been 5 years, since I started swimming, and I have loved each an every moment in the water.
  2. Gradually and consistently, with each passing day, I move towards more endurance and more enjoyment… more laps, more stamina, less panting and less breaks. And these small victories every day, truly make my day.
  3. The swimming pool in our apartment complex is simply wow and having it all to myself is a BIGGER WOW!! I just love swimming alone in the cool, clear, blue water. It’s like that the ‘Ladeez’ timings are from 11 am to 1 pm. And it happens so that only 2 women swim in our complex, while I go at 11 am the other lady swims at 12 noon.
  4. This one hour of ‘Me’ time, doing an activity which I love dearly, gives me time to think, ponder and chew on so many things.
  5. I believe, swimming adds positivity, calm and happiness. A day without swimming, like this day, today (Tuesdays are off days), I feel very restless! Two draft Ten on Tuesdays are the proof!
  6. Of course, it’s not only the brain cells that are actively working, a lot of adipose tissue is actively banished too. And I’m lovin’ it!!
  7. Many a times, due to an evening engagement, I take Aaryan along with me in the mornings (Aaryan swims with his friends in the evening) and it’s fun too. I like to see the glee on his face when he beats me in our 1-Lap contest. And of course, it’s awesome to watch his dives and underwater swimming!
  8. Swimming is the bestest form of workout in this extremely hot summers of Jaipur. No eeeky sweat and no overheated body during or after this workout!
  9. Oiling of hair or using curds with shampoo and conditioner daily is a bit irksome… but then you gain 9 and lose 1!!
  10. At the end of it all, after the shower, though it’s a tired me but a satisfied and happy me.