Thursday Challenge : Happy

Happy he is, when he swims.

When we enrolled Aaryan for swimming classes in 2006, during a summer camp, for the first few days, he would just sit outside the pool with his legs dangling in the water. We thought of it as an initial reaction to water. But when it went on for 10 days, the coach suggested that I join him in the pool too.

And when I started learning swimming along with him, he was relaxed and picked up swimming faster than me!

It’s been 5 years now, and needless to say that he is a near pro. Of course his focus is more on jumping, diving, splashing water or throwing goggles from one end and swimming underwater to get them!

Now that we have a pool in our building complex, he is having a gala time with his friends. Not a single day is missed at the pool and is ready with his bag much before the appointed hour, everyday!

Swimming makes Aaryan truly happy!

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