Ten on Tuesday-13

Zero Out of Ten
  1. Guess, what’s common among these 4 things… a mobile, a USB Stick, a few hundred Rupees (400 to be precise) and some coins??
  2. No, we didn’t buy these 2 items for this much money, and neither is this the sale value of these gadgets, nor did we find them hidden in a treasure chest!
  3. Well, these 2 gadgets and currency have had an unique experience. They have had the ‘once in a million’ opportunity to be swirled, twirled, rotated, tumbled, spinned…
  4. Yes, swirled, twirled, rotated, tumbled, spinned… not for a split of a second or a minute but for eternity…in a Washing Machine.
  5. The first time…. one Sunday morning, as KG came out of the bathroom, in I rushed, like a woman possessed, to grab his discarded clothes, only to throw them in my beloved washing machine. (JFYI, I love washing clothes and my day is not complete without the buzzing sound of the washing machine resonating in our home!) Gadd… Gadd… noise, and I ignored it… some more Gadd… Gadd and KG came running in and rest is history. More than him, I was Ashamed, Broken-hearted, Crabby, Disappointed, Embarrassed, Frustrated, Guilty…. for rendering a 6-month old 20K HTC Phone, useless!!
  6. Of course, that’s another story that, the papers or visiting cards, coins and currency notes are ‘washed’ and sometimes ‘spinned’ on a regular basis.
  7. While, the coins are least affected and the notes are to be delicately handled after they are ‘discovered’, the visiting cards/papers are mere unrecognizable pulp.
  8. Last week, when I saw the cap of the USB stick among the spin dried clothes, my heart skipped a beat. Frantically, I dipped my hand in the soapy water of the wash tub and my fingers narrowly miss a scrape. What I see is the twisted and bent metallic part of the USB Stick!! I kicked myself for doing this or rather not doing what I should have done earlier! Just a casual remark, “What’s new in this?”, when I showed KG the mangled device, made me all the more Horrible, Irritated, Jaded, Knotty, Loser, Mournful, Numb, Offended (Yeah, even that!), Pissed…
  9. I don’t know, how this happens to me, considering, I feel believe that I am very meticulous. I know, I have to just check 4 + 2 pockets daily!! 4 of trousers and 2 of shorts, all 6 pockets belonging to KG coz the kid and I never keep anything in our respective pieces of clothing!! And I do check the pockets religiously. Nah, KG can’t be trusted to remove his paraphernalia from his pockets!!
  10. We are like that only, I guess!! Sigh!!!!!!

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