Ten on Tuesday – 14

Ten Things about Today’s Terrible Tuesday
  1. 6.15 am:  I wake up Aaryan to get him ready for school, he croaks, “I’m having a headache and my throat is aching too”. I check his forehead, ponder over for a few seconds and ask him to go to sleep again and I also follow suit. KG woke me up and saw a hot cup of tea on the bedside table. I groan inwardly very loudly. While KG is a fantastic chef and creates magic with food, he makes lousy tea. No, let me correct myself, I find tea made by him PATHETIC. He loves his creation with tea leaves and water, though! A sip and I was correct, anyways, I take a few more sips and then just gave up. A bad tea in the morning makes for a bad day??
  2. 8 am : No sign of maid. I call her up. Yes, she has a mobile. And she has a story to share. No, not the regular types of somebody ill or somebody dead… but… The maids in our apartment complex have found an agent who believes that they are exploited and are paid less. (A BIG Joke, we all know it!!) So, until their demands are not met, they’ll agitate… To cut the story short, it was my turn to do the dishes and jhadu pocha!
  3. After the breakfast, I start with the dishes, only to find that the kitchen sink is not draining water! Bloody hell!! I try a few tricks and some water trickles down, but the dishes are soon submerged in the sink pool, again some more tactics with a wire and a few drops litres go down the drain. At one point of time, the water was threatening to overflow from the sink!! Somehow managed to clean the dishes! But what a mess and pain it was!
  4. While mopping the floor, I slipped and fell on the wet floor. It was not much of a physical injury but something was bruised!
  5. Now, that I was in a complete ‘Maid’ mode, I decided to wash the balconies too. It was not at all necessary to do so, but still I did it and gave a shriek of my lifetime as I accidently touched the AC Stabilizer. I saw a few pigeons who were resting on the railings flew away with fright!! I know, dumb of me to do what I did, but I did that and got that!! A huge electric shock!
  6. Next, when I was hanging the clothes on a clothesline, I found that Aaryan’s WHITE school T-shirt had pink stains, courtesy my pink shirt which was lying adjacent to it!! How did that happen!?! Gosh! I looked at it in disbelief for a long time as I knew, a lot of work would be needed on the T-shirt, to regain it’s old white glory! Guess, will have to use Sridevi’s ‘Trust Pink, Forget Stains!’
  7. Finally, it’s time to leave for the doctor’s clinic. With bag on my shoulders and sunglasses on my head, I enter the kitchen to close the door and remember that the milk has to be set for making curd. “Oh, it will take a minute” and I warm the milk. I hold the hot vessel with the steel tong and WTF!, it turns (or rotates, in short it loses it’s grip) and the milk spills not only on the sparkling clean kitchen slab but also on the floor, on the gas and even on my flip flops!! Believe me, I am not clumsy!! And next ten minutes are spent in cleaning the mess from all the places.
  8. Thankfully, the wait at the doctor’s clinic is not much. A throat infection is diagnosed and we went to the chemist for the medicines. One medicine was not available on all the 3 chemist shops near the doctor. A classic case of a Medical Representative promoting his brand without making it available at the retail counters. So, thought of calling the doctor and lo!, there’s no telephone number on the prescription! Went back to clinic, had to wait for ten long minutes and finally got the medicine changed.
  9. Went to mom’s place for lunch and while leaving from there, got a call from a colleague informing that I had sent the ‘most important’ mail to her without the attachment! And in the tearing hurry forgot to carry back Aaryan’s medicines.
  10. I was dreading making dinner tonight, believing that something would go wrong again. But thankfully the junior chef has passed the dinner with flying colours! Now waiting for the senior chef to give his verdict! Fingers Crossed!

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