10 Day You Challenge : Eight Fears

It’s Day 3 and here are my 8 Fears

  1. Losing loved ones : I am truly scared of this one and I don’t even want to think or talk about it.
  2. Long distance travel by road : Whenever family and friends travel by road, I am paranoid personified. Till they reach their destination safely, I cannot rest or sleep. Though, I am perfectly ok, when I am travelling with them by road!
  3. Lizards, Cockroaches, Rats… You get the drift!! Any of their creepy brethren in the same room as me, and I can give them heart attack with my shrieks!
  4. Being out of money : I never want to be caught short…
  5. Fast Driving : It really freaks me out. My eyes are forever glued to the speedometer. A lil’ above average speed, and I get anxiety attacks which are followed by verbal attack!
  6. Gruesome, horrifying crimes : That they are happening and could happen to anyone around gives me goose bumps.
  7. Ghosts, black magic etc : Many people enjoy talking or listening about  paranormal stories  and activities… Not me!
  8. Losing the data on my lappy : Long back, my computer crashed and there was no back-up!! God, I was aghast and disgusted with myself for a long long time.

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