10 Day You Challenge : Nine Loves

It’s Day 2 and here I go with my Nine Loves…
1. KG : 17 years of togetherness with 14 years of married life with Kshitij, have made the bond of love stronger with each passing high and low of life. Touchwood!
1. Aaryan : My 9-year old baby brat is the bestest!! 🙂
2. Books : I cannot imagine my life without books. They form an integral part of my life. A cupboard which houses all my books, and which is my mini-library is overflowing with books. Some of the books, I love reading again and again.And just, today, I ordered 4 new books from Flipkart!  I hate sharing my books, though.
3. Gadgets : Laptop, SLR camera, digital camera, iPod, smart phone, even the external storage hard drive, I just love my tech soul mates. I am eyeing the Kindle now and the Nikkor 55-300 mm lens would be mine sometime very soon!
4. FarmVille : It’s been more than 2 years since Kaddu introduced me to this game, and there’s never been a dull moment with FarmVille. I just can’t do without playing this virtual farming game, every day!!
5. Family and Friends : Parents and sisters who are like friends and friends who are family! It’s the best of both the worlds and I’m lovin’ it!!
6. My Me Time : I love the time I spend with my own self. Reading, dreaming, working, or even playing FarmVille, I cherish this time when I have only myself for company.
7.  Masala Dosa : If I am in any restaurant which serves Masala Dosa, everybody knows, what I’d be ordering!! I am sooooooo very fond of it.
8. Home : Everybody loves their home, and I am no different. Its the bestest place in the world and especially when each and every thing that makes it a home is chosen with love and care and is your very own. We have stayed in so many places and I have loved each and every house we made our home.

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