On This Day…

Jottings of this day… nothing special, just another day, but sharing it just like that or rather to brush off some of the rust from the grey cells, I let my fingers dance on the keyboard to share this day…

  • Went for Aaryan’s Parent Teacher meet. Was told he is very inquisitive, likes to ask a lot of questions and is a very talkative child!!
  • Was all ready to fire the Rajasthan State Electricity Board… Reason?? We got our electricity bill, which had totally wrong meter reading and the worst was that it was a hand written bill!! A gross error!! Thought of speaking to a friend who works with RSEB before we left for their office, but were told that the office remains closed on Saturdays! So the firing session is now postponed to Monday. 
  • 001
    The hand written bill which shows the meter reading to be 8696.
    The actual meter reading is 5135!!
  • Finished reading ‘Before I say Good-Bye’ by Mary Higgins Clark. Very captivating.
  • booksThe laptop table for bed which was ordered from Indiatimes Shopping got delivered today. Am so thrilled to use it! It has a drawer, adjustable table leg height and most importantly the much needed air vents. Recently read that using laptops in bed or keeping them on lap is dangerous and also reduces the laptop life.
  • laptop-tableIt’s Rockstar this evening and of course a dine out!

Rockstar-posterWhat are you doing this weekend. Whatever the plans… Have loads of fun and enjoy!!