Ten on Tuesday : 15

I know, I know…but there is always a first time, so here’s the Ten on Tuesday on a Wednesday!!cooltext468162920[8]
 Things I Have Learnt From Facebook
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  1. Appreciate : There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than hunger, said Mother Teresa. After all, appreciation can make a day, even change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary. So, all the lovely people on Facebook, appreciate each other to the hilt. “Lovely pic”, for a picture which is not lovely from any angle”, to, “You two look beautiful together” to a not so beautiful couple, we appreciate everybody.
  2. Attitude : Liking your own status updates is big proof of the fact that you are high on Attitude!! It’s like giving yourself a high five!!!!! tumblr_l1jufzhEcS1qap1cl
  3. Promote Thyself, Thy Idea, Thy Thought…. We live in a world where advertising, marketing… is very vital. So, post a picture or a video from the YouTube, wait for someone to comment or like it and then rush to comment about it’s awesomeness! Yes, that’s the way to do it!
  4. Self Talk : Talking to self will do you a world of good!! Yes, by continuously replying to your own status update in order to extend it, when no one has replied yet!
  5. PDA : Public display of affection is not restricted to malls, parks, restaurants etc but it’s common to see  to and fro of lovey dovey comments and some very personal pictures on your wall!.
  6. Make People Green-eyed: You went for a cuppa coffee at CCD, post it on Facebook! Went to drop a friend at T3, update your status. A two day holiday at Goa, post a million pictures with a dozen pics of the same pose, will make people feel that they are missing out a LOT in life and that you have a rocking and a very happening life!
  7. Make Your Mind on the Wall : “Should I come to ABC or go to XYZ for Diwali vacations?” And especially if you are a bit senior on the corporate ladder, you will get  a hundred responses, ranging from , “Pls Boss, only ABC”, “ABC is the right choice”, ABC Chief, only ABC”…. you get the drift… so a status on Facebook helps you decide truly what’s on your mind!
  8. How to make Mundane = Excitement : Post the likes of “ I hate Mondays or I don’t wanna wake up, or Bored at work, or I wanna eat cheese cake or stuck in traffic etc etc”. Within no time, you will have sympathy, help, suggestions, action plans pouring in!! Voila!!
  9. Facebook = News Right Now : Not in front of TV to watch the Live Cricket match or don’t know what’s happening in the world around?? Log in to Facebook for the latest scores, ball by ball update with personal comments and even suggestions to the players! Or for that matter even what’s happening in Big Boss 5! Honestly, I was educated about the life, history, success, speeches of Steve Jobs only through Facebook!
  10. Life’s Profound Gyan on your fingertips Facebook : Life’s deeper thoughts, positive thoughts, inspiring thoughts, funny thoughts all are there to give that spurt of energy and positivity!! Saw this today, Hard Times Are Like a Washing Machine,
    They Twist,Turn & Knock Us Around, But In The End we Come Out, Cleaner, Brighter & Better Than Before….

So, what have you learnt from Facebook!!?? 🙂
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