The Month So Far…

… in the real world has been very hectic, so much so that there was no time to stand and stare in the virtual world!

Beginning of the month saw my tech soulmate (read: Laptop) behaving erratically. So, for a couple of days, I gave the first aid to my lappy, till the situation went out of hand and the experts had to be called in! And then the herculean task of uploading, downloading, updating etc…

My baby participated in a school play which was part of Helen O’Grady Drama Academy. His batch showcased Aladdin. And Aaryan was Jasmine’s brother. It was heart-warming to see him perform so well, deliver his dialogues confidently, and he looked so cute in a beard!

Yeah, that’s right… with spectacles in row 2!!

Also the last 10 days are seeing all of us in the family running to the doctors and labs. My father was not well. And when all was beginning to look well, he developed CHICKENPOX!! Yeah, chickenpox at the age of 70!! It’s kind of shocking and unbelievable as I had not heard of its occurrence at such an old age!

Then, a week long work trip to Rishikesh. Came back in the morning, today! A wonderful trip and all about it will be coming up tomorrow at this space.

15th February was our 15th wedding anniversary. And I was out of town on this very special day! I hid the present which I had bought for KG, before I left home. As Aaryan was with me (bad planning on my part) when I was shopping for this present, so had to make him part of the conspiracy ie to keep it a surprise for KG. But this brat found the whole thing very amusing and just refused to be a part of my plan. Finally had to threaten him with dire consequences and that sobered him! On the D-day, KG saw the present and liked it too. And today morning, while I was sorting the mess at home I found the bag which had the gift and the greeting card.  The greeting card, which I had chosen after spending so much time in the Archies gallery (incidentally, had bought a card after decades, I guess!) and spent equally long time in expressing my love on it, lay UNOPENED in the carry bag!! Experienced a true facepalm moment!! 

The Reader count shows 619 unread posts and Neha, reminded me that “I am back to not replying on my blog despite getting the desired comment format!” Well, you know the reasons now. So, a lot of reading and writing needs to be done.

That’s all for now, see you all soon!!