Emotions in an Evening

Last evening, saw a myriad of emotions…

girl_boredSunday evening and nothing exciting was on the cards. KG was watching Italian Food Safari on Fox Traveler while I was tending my virtual farm, in simple words, playing FarmVille.
Shilpa PunkymoodAfter seeing the food program, KG was inspired to cook something exotic for the evening! 
BitchyBut I acted like a spoilt sport and said, I wanna eat a Pizza at Pizza Hut. The husband complied…
Shilpa PunkymoodIn the car, we felt weird about going to Aaryan’s favorite joint without him. While, he has adjusted pretty well at his boarding school. we are still struggling to cope up at our end!
EmotionalSo a few tears were shed…
LuckyThere was a big rush outside the outlet and the waiting period was nearly 40 minutes. But our magic words “A table for 2”, got us a table right away!
DistractedAfter settling in, I told KG that I had forgotten to pick my phone from the car charging point. And immediately KG checked his pockets and informed that he might have dropped his phone while getting out of the car!
WorriedOut he went to the car park to check his phone and till then I offered a few silent prayers!
ElatedThe Almighty listened and KG came back with both our phones. His was on the car seat!
HungryWe placed the order and had to wait for more than the usual time as the place was jam packed, even the queue for the Take Away was pretty huge!
ShutterbugClicked pics of the yummy looking  pizzas, much to the chagrin of KG…DSC04770DSC04772
AmusedA casual look at our neighboring tables and we found 2 couples arguing. One of them were not in sync with each other’s choice of food, the lady wanted a Pasta and the husband a Pizza!! Pretty weird topic for an argument… Go for your respective choices, guys!!

The second couple were with the lady’s teenage sister. Yeah, they looked a lot similar. Their voices were a lil’ subdued but their body language was loud and clear!
And then the woman just walked out, leaving the husband to settle the bill while the sister was still finishing her Pizza!

Shilpa PunkymoodAs soon as we went out of the outlet, we saw that lady sitting in a pensive mood near the fountain. And we both burst out laughing!
SheepishWhile I was thinking of having the leftover pieces of my beautiful Verde Pizza as breakfast, the next day, KG gave the pizza box to a small boy, outside the mall.
BlessedA nice evening, it was!

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