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Ten Things I Don’t Want to See/Read on Blogs

We all love our blogs as much as our babies! It’s our very own personal space where we Communicate, Connect and Comment. In doing so, we connect with a lot of blogs. While, I enjoy my time in the blogosphere, as there are a lot of things that I observe, absorb and soak, however there are a few things, I wish I don’t get to see or read on the blogs…

  1. Comment Moderation and Word Verification : word-verification-google5I know, I know, you do this to protect yourself from the spammers and their attack. But having both these things together?? If you are moderating comments then you do take care of what gets published on your blog. So, there isn’t actually the need of the very painful word verification. Sometimes, the words and numbers are so twisted that you need to try 3-4 options to get it right. I doing so, it leaves you a bit perturbed and all the pleasure and joy of reading and commenting goes away!
  2. SMS Lingo : Dis is sumthin dat I hate da most! Da wurds ritten lyk dis not only r n i-sore bt irks n irritates me 2 no end. U may say dat it is ur space and u cn rite da way you pls, but I believe that you want people to read what you write too, so, I guess, it makes sense to give your readers a wonderful reading pleasure!
  3. Painful Layout and Fonts : White text on black background or multi-coloured text in between or the curvy cursive writing kind of fonts are so hard to read. Such layouts and fonts are a big strain on the eyes and sometimes you have to squint too!! And in this process, even the brain (of course, I am talking about my brain!) fails to register the written text!
  4. LONG Posts : anti-long-post_c_552796I was reading a blog post. The beginning was captivating and the subject was interesting. A few paragraphs down the page, it lost its steam. I continued reading still and then my attention simply vanished. I scrolled down to check, how much of it was left anyways and the cursor continued to move down and down the page for FOREVER. Yeah, no exaggerating… it was a long long post!! Agree, you have a lot to share, but can that be divided in parts? Or can the post be concise and crisp?
  5. BIG Header Images : You click on a blog to read but what you see is a big picture that takes up the entire screen. You have to scroll down a bit to read the actual content! Ok, this is not much of a pain but still it would be nice to see the content first!
  6. Distracting Sidebars : Sometimes there are so many widgets on the sidebar that it gives a very cluttered look. The animated GIFs are so very distracting too! And I have never understood the rationale of having a clock on a blog!
  7. Same Same Every Day! : We don’t like to eat the same food everyday, so why do you dish out the same type of posts on your blog all the time! It makes perfect sense if yours is a niche blog! But the same rants, same cribs, same topics to discuss/share (which may be written brilliantly) all the time?? Well, I’d like to have some spice, some variety on a blog!
  8. Insipid Content : OK, this is self explanatory and of course, one can’t churn out brilliant pieces all the time! But still…
  9. Too Many Ads :  An advertisement here or a blurb there or the flashing ads or the scrolling marquee are not fun when reading something interesting!
  10. No Engagement : No interaction with the readers is a big dampener too. Well, I have improved on this one, lately, only courtesy the interactive comment format introduced by Blogger.
Despite, all this…white_i_love_blogs_detail

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