Of W and W!!

I hate it.

At the same time, I am very concerned about it.

Seeing the growing proportions gives me momentary panic attacks.

In a flash of a second, I make plans to take some remedial action. And the very next moment, I find some very important and very urgent diversions.

So, days have passed into months and the reverse is happening. The wide is becoming wider and weak is becoming weaker!

I am talking about the ever widening waistline and the weakening will power to do something about the former.

I have all the good intentions to reduce the bulge and exercise but somehow these good intentions get pushed behind other commitments and mundane things.

One fine day, I get highly motivated and dig out my track suit from the closet and take 2 rounds of the jogging track in our apartment complex and there’s never a second day which sees the repeat action.

Some days I convince myself that I am very tired. While some days, I reason with myself that I had walked up and down the 17 stair-set of office thrice!!!

Some times I have important household chores to do and while some days I am plain lazy.644092_10151310614064714_320412660_n

Also, I have seen that you put off something for one day and ten days will pass by!

Another day in another month, inspired by Smita, I take out our treadmill from the store room and clean it. The day, saw me admiring my hard work of rolling the machine to a distance of 5 meters. Next day, I sync my iPod and download new songs on it. And somehow I motivate myself to stand on the treadmill. When I listened to the songs on iPod, I realised that the sweet romantic numbers which I had chosen could not keep pace with the rhythm of the brisk walking on treadmill. So, since then, my search for fast paced songs is on and till then the treadmill is on a pause mode…

The only form of exercise that I love is swimming and I am very passionate about it. Missing even a single day of swimming is a big No-No for me. But unfortunately the swimming season is for a limited time period and for the rest of the time, one needs to focus on walking, jogging etc.

Going to a gym or walking in the park doesn’t appeal to me much and neither does dieting. So making use of the treadmill at home is the bestest viable option I have. And even availing the benefits of a treadmill in the comfort of my home eludes me.

I guess, I suffer from Exercise Procrastination. Somebody said this and it mirrors my sentiments, “whenever I get the energy to exercise, I sit down until it passes!”

Well, enough is enough and I’m going to stop procrastinating about my fitness regime… once I get around to it.Image 1

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