Partying with Kids

Have you ever witnessed this in your home or at a get-together elsewhere…

  • Kids jumping up and down on the sofa and some with their shoes on too.
  • Kids driving toy cars or playing with Jenga blocks on the glass table top.
  • Kids insisting on playing with delicate show pieces and artefacts and in process breaking or damaging them….
  • Kids balancing their plates stuffed with food and walking all over the house and then spilling food and drinks all over- on themselves, floor, chairs, bed, sofa… thereby creating a mess of the whole place.
  • Kids adamant on taking some of the toys back home with them

My new post on Parentous talks about Partying with Kids at home!!
How has been your experience when kids join you for a party?
Looking forward to your experiences, tips and suggestions on this post! πŸ™‚