The Countdown Has Begun!

We have been waiting for this to happen for a long time.

While the last nine months, now seem like have passed in a blink of a eye, the final few days are difficult to go by. There is a growing sense of anticipation and excitement. Each passing day is bringing us closer to him. The wait to welcome our baby home is finally coming to an end!  All in the family are planning for so many things and there is excited chatter all around.

Yes, the countdown for Aaryan to join us back home from his boarding school has begun.

Aaryan’s school term ends on 29th and his 3 months winter vacation starts from 30th November.

The tickets have been booked, the bags have been packed, now all I am waiting is for the clock to strike 11 am tomorrow so that I get to board the bus that will take me to Shimla.
KG along with Aaryan’s grand parents wait for him at home, while I travel to bring back our baby home.

Can’t wait to see you again, my dearest sonny boy!!

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