Jack is Back in Corporate Carnival

Title: Jack is Back in Corporate Carnival16004014
Author: P G Bhaskar
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 978-93-5029-351-5
Number of Pages: 305
Price [INR] : 150
Genre: Fiction

Jack is Back in Corporate Carnival is a second novel by P. G. Bhaskar. The first one is Jack Patel’s Dubai Dreams. I have not read the first one, though I am keen to read it now.

This is what the blurb of the book reads like…. When a former colleague offers Jack Patel and his best friend Kitch a job with a conservative British bank in Dubai, Jack has no qualms about taking it up. Solidity and stability are just what he is looking for.

But changes are afoot at the bank. Power struggles within a complex and changing hierarchy ensures a series of problems for young Jack. And who would have thought that the Football World Cup would turn things topsy-turvy for the bank. Jack escapes all of this madness as he flies from Dubai to Africa to Chennai, hopping from one hilarious situation to the next. He rescues Kitch’s wife from a ghost, faces a football quiz that can make or break his career, masters the nuances of Zulu pronunciation, encounters pirates (well, almost) and is forced to choose between a client’s two wives–all in all, a rollicking roller-coaster ride. Who would have thought the corporate world could be such fun?

I got this book as a surprise ‘gift’ on 1st January. It came in an envelope from Harper Collins, Delhi with no covering letter or an email about it!

I took the book in my hands and the first 2 striking things that I observe are…
The cover page says, “Funniest Book of the Year”. This certainly brought a smile, a perfect way to start book reading in 2013.
I liked the way the book is printed. On the first page there is a man with a parachute and he gradually comes down as the book progresses. Finally, he lands on the ground on the last page. Remember in Taare Zameen Par, Ishaan has a flip book to demonstrate his feelings, each page in succession showing a drawing of his moving away from his family. Of course, the concept in TZP was very creative but this sort of printing in this book is equally fascinating!

I finished reading Jack is Back… in a few hours. Reasons… it is a fun read. The book has a lot of humorous moments and witty one liners which gave a lot of hearty laugh moments. Also the story is very contemporary and relevant to our times and lives. A serious subject of private banking business, has been dealt with a lot of fun, wit and humour. Of course, claiming it to be the “funniest book of the year” is a bit of exaggeration.

Jack is certainly back to entertain. Go for it!

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