Men On My Mind

Title: Men On My MindMen on My Mind
Author: Radha Thomas
Publisher: Rupa
ISBN: 978-81-291-2050-2
Number of Pages: 270
Price [INR] : 195
Genre: Fiction

When you are a 7 year old, you overhear your mother telling this to her sister, “You need at least five men to fulfil you, sweetie. Remember Draupadi?” This was a life-altering conversation for the seven year old who was frustrated to be trapped in a child’s body while bursting with adult thoughts.

‘Men on My Mind’ charts the journey of a girl who had, well, men on her mind. Her real adventures with men began though when she turned thirteen and was studying in a girls boarding school. While the nuns ensured that the girls from their school and the boys remained like water and oil, she managed to get the attention of not one but three boys. Reality and circumstances ended her Mills & Boons inspired stories prematurely. All this didn’t put her off men, in fact, it was quite the contrary.

And the journey in search of music and men, stardom and sex continues from Mumbai to Delhi to Fiji, Beijing, New York… And in the process, she comes across weirdos… a hunk whose voice sounded like the grating of chalk on blackboard, a letch from the generation PTP (parents and their peer), a two-timing guy, a man who wanted to make her wife number 4, a violent recovering alcoholic…

‘Men on My Mind’ is the story of a girl who has sexual adventures as her hidden agenda to find that elusive Mr Right.

A wickedly funny and flirtatious book about that mysterious thing called love, ‘Men on My Mind’ is a delicious mix of sex, adventure and discovery that is hard to resist. The book teases, tantalizes and tickles but is not base or dirty. It is a page turner. The narration is fast paced as the adventures with twelve men are packed in 270 pages. There are so many characters in the book and all of them keep vanishing as the book progresses.

At some places, there is way too much of description of an incident or a thing which has no consequences subsequently. For example there is this 194-word description of Perungayam or the asafoetida (a detailed explanation of it’s flavour, benefits and by what name it is called in Persian, French, Swedish) and this was done just because a man was carrying an LG Perungayam bag!! Similarly, Jane’s sharing of her date with Chris seemed to be a forceful inclusion in the story.

The story revolves around finding that Mr Perfect, and he appears in the last chapter. When you are looking forward to the character, traits, mannerisms of Mr Right, you find that this part of the story is so rushed up that it simply flummoxes you. The entry and exit of Mr Right takes place in the last 4.5 pages. Wish some more footage was given to Mr Right.

‘Men on My Mind’ is a light breezy read which will make you laugh and smile a lot and which will entertain you too.

Rating : 3.5/5

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