H is for… Hygiene


This is a picture clicked sometime back at 5 am on Jaipur Railway station. Look at this picture closely.

What do you see?
Well, here’s a man standing near his sales cart.
Packets of potato wafers are lying on the floor near his feet

What would happen next?
The packets of chips would be picked and arranged on the sales cart, neatly.
A passenger like you and me would come and buy a pack or two.
Next the pack would be opened and the un-healthiness goodness of the chips would be enjoyed.

Take another scenario, we enter a supermarket, while we are walking in the long aisles, looking and comparing the goods, a few employees of the store are busy arranging/replenishing the stocks on the shelves.
Have you seen that some of the stock lie on the ground near their feet and that could include the bread packs or the Vermicelli packets…supermarket_displays_EP

Sometimes, even a cleaner with his broom would pass by the stocks-lying-on the-ground.

While we are picking that thing another thing falls down from the shelf. What do we do? We pick it up and place it back on the shelf.
So many times, the food items are stacked outside our local kirana (grocery) shop (sometimes on the road) before they are neatly arranged on their respective counters.

We buy the goods and bring them back home and stock them in the fridge or cupboard or the kitchen counter or some drawer.

Would you do anything different from what I have mentioned above?
As for me, after buying the potato chips at the railway station, I would have washed it with water and then enjoyed my chips.(Incidentally, I saw him push some chips which were getting in his way, with his foot)

On reaching home after the grocery shopping, my first task would be to wash all the packs, right from the bread, milk pouches, eggs, vermicelli pack, salt bag, the rice bag, the biscuits, the namkeens, jam and ketchup bottles, juice tetra packs, oil can… everything would be washed with water and placed in a big basket for drying. Once they are dry, then I’d place them at their respective places, whether in the refrigerator or in the cupboards.

While many friends and relatives have adopted this habit of mine there are many who roll their eyes at this cleanliness and hygiene freakiness.

What is your take on this?
Share your thoughts and views… washing all packs after buying is sensible or simply a crazy mania??  Over to you…