I is for… IPL and I

IPL is back again and with a bang in India and in our home.

My interest in IPL T20 matches is as much as an atheist would idolize God, but the husband is a big fan. Apart from watching the matches with great seriousness and dedication, he believes in giving expert comments and instructions to the playing team with equal gusto, which are heard only by the inhabitants of the TV room.ipl-2013-image

While I loved and watched IPL 1 with great zeal, somehow my enthusiasm for the game waned with each passing year and has hit an all time low, this year.

I watch the IPL matches passively on TV, after all one can’t mute the human ears and though the eyes are focused on the laptop or a book, the eyes somehow like to wander and get transfixed for a while on TV.

This periodic gluing of eyes to the television during IPL is to watch things which has got nothing to do with the game of cricket.

What is holding my interest on the telly this season of IPL are:

  • The VIP stands where celebrities, actors, wannabes are waving or exulting with enthusiasm on a sixer or a run out.
  • The advertisements… I love watching ads and some new and creative ads are telecast during this time. I simply love the Idea telephone exchange ad and Aamir’s Godrej Interiors. Ranbir’s Pepsi ad is a good one too.
  • Farah Khan’s “Jumping Jepang Jampak Jampak”. All the versions of the promo campaign are so very fascinating and entertaining. My personal favourite is where Farah teaches a family of 3 and the husband is a bad dancer!
  • The cheer leaders and their dance moves are interesting to watch too. This reminds me of a tweet from @GabbarSingh “Pune Warriors cheerleaders have been selected after a rigorous talent hunt conducted at Pimple Chindwad & Bhosari”.
  • The crowds who simply act weirdly when they realize that the camera is focused on them and then there are some who try too hard to act nonchalant.

Are you a cricket buff? Which is your favourite team this IPL 6?