J is for… Joy of Little Things

All of us want to be happy, yet it eludes most of us. Is it because we expect the happiness to come from big things….’I’ll be happy after I get married’, ‘A promotion at work will make me happy’, ‘An overseas vacation would fill my cup of joy’… If we wait for us to be happy and enjoy after a certain big thing happens, we would have missed a lot of joyous moments in life.To have a truly happy and peaceful existence, it is necessary to find happiness in small things. Life is made up of little things, so enjoying them for all their worth is bound to make for a more happy life.

The little things in life that give me joy are :

  • Listening to an old song after ages and the associated times and memories flash in front of you
  • A sudden warm hug from the child
  • Having the swimming pool in the apartment complex all to yourself for an hour
  • Getting that perfect shot with your cameralittle things
  • Exchanging a smile with a stranger
  • Sharing a hilarious joke with a friend on Whats App
  • The perfect cup of tea in the morning
  • Sitting on the bed and reading a good book
  • While you finish the chores, husband cooks a fabulous meal
  • The mesmerizing beauty of the nature
  • Kneading a perfect dough with the Food Processor
  • Having some awesome conversations with a friend
  • Eating your favourite dish after a long time
  • Striking a conversation with a co-passenger and find that you have a lot in common
  • Observing the fishes move in an aquarium
  • Getting up in the middle of the night, a look at the watch and realize there are still a lot of hours before it is time to wake up.
  • Watching a movie you wanted to see for a long time on TV
  • Finding a dress that fits perfectly and is at a reasonable price too
  • Watching the squirrels nibble at the bread which was left out for them on the balcony wall…

No matter what stage of life we are in, there are always small things to enjoy and savour.
JoyIn your life, what are the joys of little things?